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Why do I need a case for a toothbrush and how to choose it?

Before traveling in a suitcase sent to all things essentials: clothes, documents, comb, and of course, a toothbrush. To protect the electric toothbrush (here some interesting site with reviews http://www.jfkmarch.org/useful-sites/electric-toothbrushes-on-tygiene) from harmful bacteria, you should definitely get a carrying case. This accessory will not only ensure the purity of the bristles, but also protect them from warping. Let's find out how to choose the case for a toothbrush, and how to store it in the subject of personal hygiene.

What should be the case for a toothbrush?

It would seem that such a simple thing - a case for a toothbrush. But the choice of this product should come with responsibility. The range of containers for storing items of oral care products is very diverse. Selection begins with the simplest of plastic boxes and ends with the USB-gadgets with disinfectant function. What are the main demands put forward to the case?

First of all, the containers should be compact, because they are used to travel, travel, trips. Place in a suitcase is always limited, so a bulky case - it's uncomfortable. The disadvantage not only in that case takes a lot of space in a travel bag. If you have to brush your teeth in the train or anywhere else is not in the most comfortable conditions, bulky box will take additional efforts.

An important aspect - the material from which the box. Of course, I want to container traffic was the most durable and served as long as possible. But experts do not recommend to choose cases with metal parts that are in contact with a water fast porzhaveyut. Plastic is the best suited for the manufacture of casings, these are the containers most often found on store shelves.

Prerequisite good case - the presence of holes for water drainage. If the container will collect and stagnate water, about the correct storage of the brush can not speak. In this case, it is better to do without case! Water - the medium in which the microorganisms can easily proliferate. In many bacteria inhabit the oral cavity, respectively, and they are on the bristles. If you store the brush in a moist environment, it turns into a real breeding ground for bacteria.

Buying box, make sure it is tightly and securely locked. This eliminates the possibility of loss of the brush cover is in a suitcase, and during its use. In this regard, boxes, consisting of two identical halves and for closing the soap dish type lose containers with removable top.

Covers for electric toothbrushes

If you buy a cover for a conventional toothbrush is not difficult, the containers for the transport of electric models the situation is more complicated. Therefore, if you travel frequently, it is better to consider whether the case needs you before buying the "electric cleaner" mouth. Many models of this product are equipped with travel case, for example:
  • ORAL-B PRO 750;
  • Oral-B Professional Care 700;
  • Hapica Minus iON Case DBM-5B;
  • Oral-B Triumph 7000.

If necessary, choose the cover for pre-existing electric toothbrush, should be guided by the same principles as for the conventional models without batteries. It is important that a case had holes that provide air and boxing tightly closed.